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Heroes are not made rather, they are born with innate potentials. Every human has an innate potential solely to fulfill its purpose. Discovery of purpose backed up with proper usage of one's potentials leads to fulfillment in life. "CHALLENGES ARE PART OF LIFE'S PLAN TO FULFILLING PURPOSE".

THE INSIGHT is an OPEN TALK program centered around LIFE ISSUES. PURPOSE. PEOPLE. MINISTRY. RELATIONSHIP. MARRIAGE. This is a program where listeners get to ask several insightful questions from their favorite personalities in Africa, learning from their mistakes, steps, and successes as it relates to fulfilling purpose as mandated by God which is the assignment for every man.

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Listen to our podcast episodes as we make them available on a weekly basis. Our goal is to GIVE HOPE TO THE HOPELESS whilst spreading the message of Grace as made available to all.


Relationships they say are the currency to our destination, they are bridges to our phases in life. This also relates to Ministry. Everyone is given a ministry that interprets our purpose. Read articles from THE JOSHUA INSIGHT portal. 

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Testimonials from the folks on THE INSIGHT CLUB.

Joanna has been working with me for nearly a year now and what an eventful year it has been. Joanna’s guidance, support and honesty have helped me not only navigate some tricky life changes but have also helped me achieve some lifelong goals. I would recommend her coaching services to anyone - Thank you Joanna!
Mary Doolittle
Mother of 4
I trained to be a life coach with Joanna in 2017 and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. She really made me believe I could do this and changed my life in the process. I now have a thriving business and I owe much of this to the input I’ve had from this dedicated, wonderful lady. I highly recommend Joanna’s services in coaching!"
Kelly Whitberg




After spending most of my life believing that I had to put aside my own needs to take of others, I finally realized that I do not have to choose between being self-compassionate and compassionate to others. I have learned that I can do both at the same time which provides me with a deep sense of abundance and meaning. Fortunately, the more self-compassionate I am, the more positive energy I have to care for and meet the needs of others.

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