the mission and purpose

On a mission, taking daily steps to MAKE Africa a better place. We live each day beyond the present, focusing on the bigger picture with a mandate to help you discover your purpose, utilize your potential, live full, and die empty.

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from Christian Joshua


short biography of christian joshua

Founder and host of THE JOSHUA  INSIGHT, Christian Joshua, was born on the 16th day of May, in Lagos, Nigeria.  He is one of seven children born to Joshua and Favour Amuzie.

I’ve always had big plans for my life. But things didn’t go according to plan.

In my late 20s, I promised myself to have a beautiful home at age 30, but that was when  I found myself at the lowest point, still trying to figure out my path in my life. I was completely broke, going through a difficult breakup, and feeling depressed. I thought I was a total failure. I kept asking myself: Are things ever going to get better?

I still remember going to bed at night with so many worries weighing heavy on my mind. I had so much anxiety that I’d wake up a lot of mornings with my sheets completely soaked from sweat.

Although I couldn’t see it then, I realize now that all the pain I went through actually served an important purpose. If you’re experiencing any challenge similar to how I was, I’ve got something to encourage you.

In your darkest moments
is when you’ll start to see the light.

My Pain Served a Purpose

After having gone through so many hard times, I made it my purpose to help others that might be similarly struggling like how I was. That’s when I decided to put my writing skills into use and then I launched THE JOSHUA INSIGHT. That’s how I’m able to create relatable content that feels like it hits individuals. Because I’ve been there. I’ve experienced hard times. And I use that as inspiration to help you overcome yours too.

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from Christian Joshua


What I Know For Sure

If my story can teach you anything, it’s that you CAN change and impact your world! Even if it feels like you’re struggling right now, I promise you one day your struggle will become your superpower. Your pain WILL have a purpose.

A few months from now you can be in a completely different place spiritually, financially, physically, and mentally. And in case you ever need some help getting through some hard times, don’t worry, it’s my mission in life to help you do that. So you can use any of the buttons below.